Trichology is the scientific study
of hair, its growth and condition.

We perform evaluations of unhealthy hair and the process of prescribing effective solutions that rest with the science.


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Our experts restore the beauty to your hair.
Let our experts restore the beauty to your hair. If you would like to receive an individualized microanalysis of your hair, please fill out the Request information form.

We will mail you our complete brochure along with a confidential profile and questionnaire that will provide us with your hair history. You can have your hair analysis performed in our National Office in person or by mail. What you don't know CAN hurt you.

Dermalax System Standard Treatment.

Beginning with a consultation, we proceed with a full, complete hair analysis and scalp exam.
Microscope and anatomical charts are used to show you the problem by viewing the structure of your hair. We then will discuss the best possible way to treat your hair and get it looking healthier than ever before.

Proper hair care depends on correct shampooing and
conditioning along with correct care methods and
adequate treatment knowledge.

We eliminate guesswork and confusion by professionally diagnosing and prescribing the best way to treat your hair problems.

Private Tutoring.

We offer group lectures and consultation clinics for hair care professionals – stylists,
weavers and braiders.

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