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At Dermalax System, we are prescription hair and scalp care specialists.
Are you one of millions of men and women losing your hair? Are you suffering form thinning hair or excessive hair loss?

Anyone can look. Not everyone knows what to look for.

Since 1950, Dermalax System has been helping hundreds of men and women restore and beautify their hair. We are a registered research institute of the Dermalax System. We have an international network of board-certified consultants, with registered salons and care clinics worldwide. We take out the guesswork when it comes to hair repair and maintenance.

If you are concerned about the condition your hair is in, don't wait – call today.
Joseph Mosely Founder


Dermalax System Exclusive's. For your own hair natural beauty.

The Right Diagnosis and Efective Treaments For your Hair and Scalp !
  • DRx.- Scalp Fitness Stimulates Sluggish Growth !
  • HLB.- Hair Life and Body - Strength Formula
  • PSC.- Protein Supreme Concentrate Natural Protein Infusion Treatment !
  • Damaged Hair Repair !
(Over 55 Years Of Success Since 1950)

Dermalax System is family owned and operated.

Our certified independent consultants are ready to assist you!
  • In-Depth Scalp Exam and Stress Test
  • Private Consultations
  • Trichology
  • Microscopic hair Analysis
  • Consultation Clinics and Lectures
  • Private Tutoring